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Let Us Help You Get New Tires!

The Best Tire Shop in San Antonio, Texas

Audi Repair San Antonio has advanced tire-changing equipment!

This means:

    - No scratched rims

    - No wheel vibrations

    - Accurate alignments

No Scratched Rims

   Our equipment does not touch the face of the rim, to avoid scratches. Our equipment also uses a soft polymer head to change the tires. This head is wide and thin, to provide as little pressure as possible when changing tires. All these features guarantee that we won't damage your rims. 

No Wheel Vibrations

   We have modern road force balancing machines. This is an incredible way to eliminate all wheel vibrations. Check out the video below to learn more about road force balancing. 

Accurate Alignments

   The alignments we perform are done to each vehicle's factory specifications. Our equipment provides us thousands of metrics on your vehicle. This allows us to fine-tune everything so that we can to provide the most accurate alignment possible. Our alignment machines are what you would find at reputable dealerships. 

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